Second City Communications

We are a Strategic Communications Company helping the business world leverage the expertise of The Second City to create unbelievable audience experiences both live and digital. Let's collaborate.

Content Marketing

Creating unique digital experiences and content marketing by listening, collaborating and innovating. Learn more about our unique creative development process.

Death to Death by Powerpoint

We work with hundreds of Fortune 1,000 organizations to engage audiences with a host of interactive and entertaining offerings. Let's work on your next custom event.

Improv Training for Business

Collaborations with us means breaking down barriers and leaving boring at the door which results in overall improvements in employee communications. See our approach.

Marketing Your Training

RealBiz Shorts promotes important Ethics, Compliance, Human Resources, Sales, Life Sciences and Energy Training. Improve your training ROI.

The Business of Improv

See how working without a script, creating something out of nothing and co-creating using input from consumers can give you a fresh take on the marketplace. Learn more.

Improve Your Approach

We provide the visual stimulus to encourage idea generation and message retention. Interested in a fresh take on your current branding, market research, content? Let's talk.